I absolutely LOVE babies!! And I would have kept having them if they didn't grow up and need driver's licenses, insurance and college! Please let me come and love on you and your newborn while I capture those tiny fingers and toes, those lazy yawns and piggy-grunts and that sweet, sweet little, fuzzy head.  I specialize in custom-designed, keepsake albums that you and your baby will treasure forever. I offer regular newborn sessions as well as a Baby's First Year Collection that my clients rave about! Click here for investment info. 

  • Feed baby before appointment allowing a bit of time for burping, diaper changes and settling back down to sleep. 
  • Baby should be ready for sound sleep during appointment.
  • Bring baby to appointment clothed in diaper and loose-fitting clothing, such as a onesie or layette, to avoid red, elastic marks, etc.
  • Please wear layers and comfortable clothing on yourself as the room will be heated to keep naked baby warm and sleepy. 
  • Soft music or white noise, which I will provide,  will also be playing.
  • Prepare to be asked to leave the room should baby become restless.  Babies smell their mamas and sometimes this makes them want to eat, etc. causing them to be restless.  We need sleeping babies for complete success.
  • Know that I have had four babies of my own and am comfortable and experienced with babies. Your precious, little one will be in very good hands! 
  • Newborn Sessions typically take around 2-4 hours depending on how sleepy baby is.  I work on baby time.  If baby needs to eat or be changed, we totally take time for that.  If baby needs a bit of cuddling to be assured that Mom is close by, we take time for that, too.  There is no pressure on my schedule as I allow plenty of time for my newborns.  I ask that you do the same.
  • I typically tend not to be super chatty during a Newborn Session as I am focused on your baby and keeping baby safe and comfy. Please don’t mistake that for being snooty. :)
  • By all means, come relaxed and comfortable.  Bring that favorite magazine or that book that has been lying on your bedside stand waiting for you to open.  This should be a time for you to relax and enjoy.  And, if you fall asleep while you wait, I will be so happy that you were able to catch a few much-needed ZZZ’s.  Trust me, this happens more often than you might think! :) 

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