Whether you need a professional headshot for your business or a few images to beef up your dating profile, you get one chance to make a first impression. This is why I believe a professional headshot is just as important as your logo, if not more important. You are the face of your business, and your clients and potential clients want to connect a face to a name. An up-to-date headshot allows your potential clients to establish a connection with you before you ever meet! It is of utmost importance to be seen often and to be seen in your best light. It is also important that your headshot be current, rather than ten years old, 20 pounds lighter or rockin' an old hairstyle. You will use your headshot in your email signature, as your social media profile image and on your website and business card keeping it consistent and current. My goal is to produce images that showcase your brand and professionalism, connects you with your clients and keeps you remembered. Click here for investment info.  

***Once you've booked your Headshot Session, you will be emailed a PDF of advice and info for a successful photography session. 

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